Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

Neuer Trash erreicht den filmbegeisterten Twenemo.  Am ‚Screamfest Horror Film Festival‘ in Hollywood am 17. Oktober wird dieser Streifen zum ersten Mal vorgeführt. Die Rede ist von dem so illustren Blut-Gore-Thrash Movie ‚Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl‘. 🙂  Die Story muss der Kracher sein und der tolle Bub von GeekTyrant umschreibt sie so nett, dass ich ihn hier original zu Wort kommen lasse:

„If  you a blood thirsty horror movie fan, then Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstien Girl is the film for you! Based on a manga by Shungiku Uchida, this moving drama tells a tale of two schoolgirls who pine for the same young lad. Young Mizushima is a handsome fellow with floppy locks who cuts a dashing figure in his school uniform. On Valentine’s Day, new student Monami gives him a box of chocolates that represent life, which is often said to resemble them in many ways. But Monami isn’t just a new student, she is also a vampire, and the chocolates contain her blood, which causes Mizushima to trip balls when he eats them. It is at that moment, when Mizushima is freaking out most mightily, that Monami opens her heart: she wants the two of them to live together forever as vampires. Romantic! But Mizushima already has a girlfriend! Keiko! And she’s pissed! Fortunately she’s got a mad scientist dad, with a secret laboratory on school property, and he turns his daughter into a Franken-Keiko Monster made of bits and pieces chopped from the cooling corpses of her classmates. As we all know, this kind of vampire vs. Frankenstein conflict can only be solved by fighting, beating, stabbing, chewing, clawing and a showdown high atop Tokyo Tower.“

Süß, oder 😉


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